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CIA Advantage™ for the VOC analysis of air sampled using canisters

Friday, 18 February 2011 at 10:30:AM

Markes International to preview CIA Advantage™ for the VOC analysis of air sampled using canisters at PittCon 2011

Markes International (Llantrisant, UK) has announced that it will preview a new thermal desorption instrument, the CIA Advantage™, at PittCon 2011. The CIA Advantage will be an invaluable tool for analytical chemists who measure VOCs in air samples using canisters, such as US EPA Method TO-15 and other methods involving an extended range of such pollutants, and who want increased work-flow productivity and flexibility. This, coupled with the additional functionality of sorbent tube analysis, will make the CIA Advantage a unique instrument in its field. Markes will exhibit this innovation on stand #1322, 1323 at PittCon 2011, Atlanta, GA, March 13-18, 2011.

Typically samples will be collected into canisters of varying sizes. US EPA method TO-15 provides the method for ambient air analysis, however other areas of analysis, such as vapour intrusion and soil gas studies, effectively extends the scope of canister analysis. A modern analytical system for air monitoring applications is now expected to manage a wider range of sample concentrations. To do this effectively, on a single analytical system, a new approach is required. The new CIA Advantage, an automated canister accessory for the industry leading UNITY 2™ thermal desorber from Markes International, will address this challenge.

The CIA Advantage will offer a more technologically advanced approach to achieving TO-15 than those currently commercially available and extend the range of compounds that can be analysed; provision for 14 canisters of the same or varying sizes on a single system; the ability to analyse a huge dynamic range of sample concentration, without dilution, on a single instrument configuration with the added capability for screening. The instrument will be fully automated, incorporate internal standard addition and heating of all internal lines to 200°C, thereby preventing cross-contamination of samples; samples of both high and low VOC concentration will be able to be analysed, with the utmost confidence, in a single analytical sequence.

As with all Markes International thermal desorption products, the CIA Advantage will be designed to operate cryogen-free and utilise patented technologies to prevent ice-formation leading to instrument malfunction; a frustration experienced by many proponents of US EPA Method TO-15.

Markes International will also be showcasing its other products and innovative technologies for thermal desorption for VOC and SVOC measurement from air and materials; the TD-100™ automated thermal desorber for analysis of sorbent tubes and the Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor™ & FLEC® cell for sampling VOCs and SVOCs from manufactured products and raw materials.

For further information on CIA Advantage, or any of Markes’ other thermal desorption instrument, accessories, consumables or technologies please visit stand #1322, 1323 at PittCon 2011. Alternatively, please visit , email or phone +44 (0)1443 230935.

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