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CIA Advantage-xr

Cryogen-free automation for high-performance canister & bag analysis

UNITY–CIA Advantage-xr™ is an advanced, inert system for the automated analysis of VOCs in whole air. It has multi-channel capacity and operates cryogen-free.

Who uses the CIA Advantage-xr?

UNITY–CIA Advantage-xr is the ideal solution for laboratories needing a robust, high-throughput system for canister analysis by US EPA Method TO-15 and Chinese EPA Method HJ 759, while retaining the capability to run sorbent tubes (US EPA Method TO-17) or carry out on-line monitoring.


Product benefits

  • Reduce running costs by avoiding the need for expensive and hazardous cryogen, and the associated risk of ice blockage of the flow path.

  • Enhance throughput by simultaneously analysing very volatile organic compounds and polar species in humid samples using Dry-Focus3™ technology.

  • Peace of mind – With unsurpassed analytical performance, UNITY–CIA Advantage-xr delivers the high-quality air monitoring results you demand.

  • Expand your capabilities – Run multiple samples/standards, from sub-ambient pressure to 50 psig, at a range of concentrations, ppt to %, with addition to the focusing trap via loop or metered volumes.

  • Future proof your lab – Incorporating method-compliant tube desorption and on-line sampling capabilities, CIA Advantage-xr allows you to respond to new applications and analysis requirements.
  • Easy and intelligent operation – With built-in parameters for several standard methods, automated self-checking diagnostics, and usage/maintenance counters, you can quickly and easily get going and keep going.

  • Be confident – you are buying state-of the-art, TO-15 (TO-15a) and HJ 759 compliant canister automation from the world’s leading manufacturer of air monitoring equipment.


  • Cryogen-free operation reduces running costs and increases lab safety.

  • Up to 27 inert channels and overlap mode allows fast, round-the-clock, automated operation.

  • Fully compliant with US EPA Method TO-15(A) and Chinese EPA Method HJ 759.

  • High-concentration and trace-level samples or standards can be run in the same sequence, or even stacked into the same run.

  • Low-pressure and sub-ambient samples can be run without needing pressurisation.

  • Splitless to high-split analysis for optimum sensitivity and sample flexibility.

  • Canister/whole-air and sorbent tube analysis all on one system, with the option to increase the tube automation to 100 tubes.

  • Unsurpassed water management – Dry-Focus3 three-stage focusing incorporates the Kori-xr water-removal module to enhance performance for humid air streams, without using liquid cryogen.

  • Heated inert internal lines and efficient purging combine to eliminate carryover between samples.

  • Advanced software control – Markes Instrument Control (MIC) is the only software designed specifically for thermal desorption users. Get the most out of your instrument with features including automated intelligent diagnostics, leak isolation, usage/maintenance counters, rapid method set-up and customisable limits.

  • Compatable with all major makes of GC and GC–MS, enabling easy integration into any laboratory.


Key applications

Frequently asked questions

Below are three useful documents that answer common questions about monitoring volatiles in canister and on-line air streams. Click the titles to download.  

Download the instructions for use – CIA Advantage-xr canister rack

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