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Time-of-flight mass spectrometers for GC and GC×GC

Change the way you think about time-of-flight mass spectrometry, and enjoy the unbeatable productivity and enhanced quality of results that come as standard with every BenchTOF.

Take the next step in GC–MS analysis, and harness the SIM-level sensitivity and full spectral information available with TOF MS, ​with the productivity and confidence of the GC–MS software interface you’re familiar with. More...
Exceptional analytical capability comes as standard with BenchTOF-HD – thanks to its outstanding sensitivity, high-quality spectra, and sub-unit mass selectivity. Key to the performance advantages of BenchTOF-HD is TOF-DS™ software, with its suite of powerful tools for speeding up data-processing. More...
BenchTOF-Select is the ultimate system for analysts requiring world-class analytical capability and productivity. As well as capitalising on all the advantages of BenchTOF, thanks to innovative Tandem Ionisation® technology you'll be able to enjoy the extra confidence that comes from running standard EI at the same time as Markes' award-winning Select-eV® soft ionisation technology. More...
GC×GC packages
The platform-neutral design of BenchTOF means that you’re not restricted to using a specific GC×GC modulator – so the best modulator can be chosen for your application. Additionally, the ChromSpace® module for TOF-DS™ further simplifies the transition adoption of GC×GC, with instrument control and data processing in a single software platform. More...
The impressive sensitivity, speed and spectral quality of BenchTOF has enabled us to address research questions that literally ‘escaped’ our previous set-up.
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