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Applications – Petrochemical

Application Note 505: Fingerprinting of crude oil by GC×GC–TOF MS
This Application Note shows that BenchTOF can be successfully used as the detector for the GC×GC analysis of a crude oil distillate. By focusing on the trace-level chemicals needed for oil characterisation, it is demonstrated that the combination of ‘reference-quality’ spectra and high sampling frequency make BenchTOF ideal for this challenging application.
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Application Note 516: The identification of hydrocarbons in highly complex petrochemical samples by GC×GC–TOF MS
This Application Note shows that GC×GC and BenchTOF provide a high-performance solution for analysing a highly complex diesel sample. Particular features of interest include the classification of structurally similar alkylbenzenes – attributable to the separating power of GC×GC and the sensitivity of BenchTOF – and the ability of BenchTOF to produce reference-quality spectra, which simplifies the process of compound identification. Finally, the ease of method transfer to FID (for quantitation in accordance with industry best-practice) is covered.
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Application Note 524: Analysis of complex petrochemicals by GC×GC–TOF MS with Select-eV variable-energy electron ionisation
This Application Note shows that BenchTOF instruments, coupled with GC×GC, can provide a high-performance solution for the characterisation of hydrocarbons in complex petrochemical samples. Select-eV variable-energy electron ionisation technology is also shown to enhance analyte speciation by providing additional data on both molecular ions and structurally significant fragments in the low-energy mass spectra, as well as increasing the number of compounds identified by enhancing sensitivity and selectivity.
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Application Note 539: Routine, high-performance analysis of petrochemicals by GC×GC with simultaneous detection by FID and Tandem Ionisation TOF MS
This Application Note demonstrates the repeatability of a flow-modulated GC×GC–TOF MS system for the analysis of complex petrochemicals. The analytical approach described pushes the boundaries of hyphenated systems by simultaneously providing three information-rich datasets for each acquisition – namely, robust quantitation by FID, untargeted screening by TOF MS with electron ionisation (EI) at 70 eV, and confirmatory identification by TOF MS with soft EI.
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