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Markes International GmbH opens its doors in Germany

Tuesday, 22 October 2013 at 1:11:PM

More than 40 clients, analysts, friends and colleagues joined Markes International founders Alun Cole and Elizabeth Woolfenden to celebrate the inaugural office opening event in Frankfurt, yesterday.

Located in Neu-Isenburg, the new facility hosted a day-long seminar (workshop) which welcomed a number of distinguished keynote speakers from across the German academic community. Embracing the theme ‘Major Technical Development For Enhanced Organic Analysis And Their Relevance To Changing Applications’, the day featured speakers sessions covering topics ranging from food analysis and odour measurement to the emissions control of building products and material analysis.

As experts gathered to learn, network and share their expertise in the field of trace organic analysis technology, staff from the UK and US offices helped to demonstrate Markes’ latest technologies including their thermal desorption and mass spectrometry equipment range, alongside their analytical software package, TargetView.

Speaking shortly after the event, Managing Director, Alun Cole commented: “It’s always great to meet with our German clients and counterparts, as we share common ground in pioneering technology for use across a multitude of applications. The fact that we have now established a base here means that we can foster far closer working relationships with our contacts. This is a very exciting day for Markes and we have received a very welcome reception.”


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