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Select-eV launch at HTC-13

Monday, 17 February 2014 at 10:30:AM
Markes International Stand at HTC-13
BenchTOF model
Shaping the future of GC-MS
At Markes, we were really excited last week to launch our new Select-eV variable-energy ion-source technology, at HTC-13, in Bruges, Belgium. This conference is a premier forum for the presentation of new chromatographic technologies, and so was a natural venue for us to display our time-of-flight mass spectrometry and thermal desorption instruments.

Our stand in the conference building featured a life-size model of BenchTOF-Select – which incorporates Select-eV technology – with a cut-away showing the flight tube. We also had a video running on the booth, which aimed to whet the appetite for Select-eV. The video was also played on the main auditorium screen at the start of our Select-eV presentation, and created a big impact.

As well as our stand, three presentations were given that featured discussion of Select-eV – two of these being by our academic associates Anthony Gravell and Paul Sutton. These focused on the use of BenchTOF and Select-eV technology to enhance GC–MS analyses in the realms of environmental analysis and flavour/fragrance profiling, and were very well-received. They were:

Select-eV: Shaping the future of GC–MS
Nick Bukowski and Laura McGregor

High performance screening of environmental pollutants in water
Anthony Gravell et al.

A fresh approach to chemical profiling of complex flavour and fragrance mixtures
Laura McGregor et al.

A sticky problem for seabirds: identification of a polyisobutylene spill
Paul Sutton et al.

We also had a major presence at the conference in terms of posters. Two focused on the use of Select-eV for enhancing GC–TOF MS and GC×GC–TOF MS analyses, while the third poster looked at the combination of thermal desorption with ‘high-definition’ GC–TOF MS for challenging analyses in the food industry.

The poster presentations were:
Select-eV: Increasing dimensionality in GC×GC–TOF MS
Laura McGregor et al.

Enhanced aroma profiling with GC–TOF MS with selective ionisation
Nick Bukowski et al.

The use of high-definition TD–GC–TOF MS for challenging analyses in the food industry
Bob Green et al.

Overall, it was an excellent conference, and we were delighted to attract a lot of interest from those attending. Our next main launch event is a seminar  introducing Select-eV, hosted by the online learning forum Separation Science. The seminar, to be held on 26 February, will be presented by our TOF MS Business Unit Manager, Nick Bukowski, and highly-respected expert on MS, David Sparkman from the University of the Pacific.

If you’d like to discover more about Select-eV, then register here.

David Barden


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